Stay Close Seacroft #19: UK Urban Transformations – Visions for Chapel FM

Mon 21st Feb '22, 5:00pm

Tune in for big ideas about the future of Seacroft and Chapel FM provided by geography students from the University of Leeds who explored the community.


Stay Close #18: Leeds Arts Centre’s new theatre production “Dinner”

Fri 4th Feb '22, 6:30pm

We present a preview conversation about Leeds Arts Centre's delicious satirical black comedy being performed at Carriageworks Theatre 9-12 February.


Stay Close #17: Self Reliant Group Camp at Kentmere Community Centre

Sun 23rd Jan '22, 12:00pm

We talk with participants from the recent Self Reliant Group (SRG) camp that met to work with local projects and groups develop new projects.


Stay Close #16: Big Up the NHS Protest at Leeds General Infirmary

Tue 14th Dec '21, 1:00pm

East Leeds FM brings voices, stories, music and sounds from the gathering to show support for the NHS on 4 December 2021.


Stay Close #15: Canopy Self-Help Housing and Locality Convention

Mon 15th Nov '21, 4:00pm

Learn about a remarkable project that renovates derelict houses in East Leeds, Canopy, from director David Nugent and the upcoming Locality Convention with Debbie Lamb.


Leeds West Indian Carnival Preview

Fri 20th Aug '21, 5:00pm

We're joined by Bernie Albert, vice-chair of Leeds West Indian Carnival, who tells us about exciting plans for this year and beyond.


Covid Vaccinations in Seacroft: Stories and Information

Wed 7th Jul '21, 7:00am

Find out about getting the covid vaccination at Kentmere Community Centre the week of July 5-9 and hear about the power of the Seacroft Ice Cream Dream Machine.


Stay Close #14: Climate Action Leeds, the Peer Support Group and Interplay Theatre’s Woody Guthrie Show

Fri 28th May '21, 3:42pm

Voices from Climate Action Leeds' Seacroft allotment project, the Peer Support Group and the cast of Interplay Theatre's production "This Land: The Story of Woody Guthrie."


Stay Close #13: Views on Vaccines – A Community Conversation

Fri 7th May '21, 5:00pm

Members of our community ask questions about Covid Vaccines.


Stay Close #12: Nubian Noire – Hidden Figures from Black Culture at Kirkgate Market

Wed 21st Apr '21, 5:00pm

We talk with Dionne Edwards and Wakai Muganiwah about the special event in Kirkgate Market on Saturday, April 24 exploring hidden figures from black cultural history in Leeds.


Stay Close #11: Seacroft Wombles

Fri 5th Mar '21, 4:00pm

This week on Stay Close we're joined by three of the amazing Seacroft Wombles who are helping clean up our community: Martha, Rachel and John. Click below to learn more...


Stay Close #10: The FAB new Seacroft Ice Cream Van

Fri 26th Feb '21, 4:00pm

There's a magical new ice cream van coming soon to Seacroft! Learn about the plans and how you can help design it. Plus, Linda Casper shares excerpts from her Covid diaries.


Stay Close #9: The Donut Group on Community Arts Centres in the Time of Pandemic

Fri 12th Feb '21, 4:00pm

A lively roundtable with Leeds community arts venues: Heart Centre, Hyde Park Book Club, Left Bank Leeds, Open Source Arts, Sunnybank Mills and The Constitutional.


Stay Close #8: Plans to Bring a BMX Pump Track to Rein Park

Fri 5th Feb '21, 4:00pm

This week local councillor Paul Drinkwater talks to the Chapel FM Next Generation youth broadcasters about plans to try to bring a BMX pump track to Rein Park.


Stay Close #7: Getting the Covid Vaccine

Fri 29th Jan '21, 4:00pm

Today we answer some basic questions about how it is to get the Covid-19 vaccine with Kate Taverner from Seacroft Friends & Neighbours and broadcasting teacher Maria Spadafora.


Stay Close #6: How Our Local Schools are Working in Lockdown

Fri 22nd Jan '21, 4:00pm

This week we're joined by staff from East Leeds schools including Bishop Young Academy, Grimes Dyke Primary and Brigshaw High School who share stories about lockdown learning.


Stay Close Seacroft #5

Fri 18th Dec '20, 1:00pm

We end the year 2020 with a roundtable chat with many of our community partners about reasons to be hopeful about 2021, plus 6 Line Poems, Louise Hill, Grimsdyke School and more.


Stay Close Seacroft #4

Fri 4th Dec '20, 1:00pm

This week we visit the Old Gipton Fire Station for a Christmas tree lighting, talk with apprentices from the LS14 Trust, chat with the Nurture Group from Kentmere Community Centre.


Stay Close Seacroft #3

Fri 27th Nov '20, 1:00pm

Featuring Kate Taverner from Seacroft Friends & Neighbours, Wrongsemble Theatre on a holiday show, Linda Sage on well-being, Izzy Britain from Yorkshire Dance and more.


Stay Close Seacroft #2

Fri 20th Nov '20, 1:00pm

We welcome three people who have helped keep Seacroft connected during lockdown: Rachel Dodson from Kentmere Community Centre & councillors Paul Drinkwater + David Jenkins.


Stay Close Seacroft #1

Fri 13th Nov '20, 1:00pm

Our new Friday afternoon live radio show features useful news, ways of staying active and uplifting conversations and music.