Sun 9th Apr '17, 10:15am

Live radio drama by Charlotte Carrick. Charlotte is on the young writers programme at the Everyman Theatre, Liverpool.


The Next 100 Years

Sun 2nd Apr '17, 11:15am

‘For the next 100 years, the sun will sigh, dream and waking life will fall in love and I will be dancing...’. With Alex Rushfirth and Rosalie Gardner.


A Turn of the Cards

Sun 2nd Apr '17, 1:45pm

Lucia Fella learnt these stories from her father when she was a child near Naples. Here they are read aloud for the first time since.


Dawn Chorus

Sun 2nd Apr '17, 6:00am

Volunteers read extracts from English classics ‘Three Men in a Boat’, ‘The Wind in The Willows’, and ‘Alice in Wonderland’.


Hello Goodbye

Sat 1st Apr '17, 12:00pm

York poet Helen Burke and partner Phil Pattinson present poetry and music on the perennial theme of arrivals and departures.


Hoot Writers Present

Sat 1st Apr '17, 1:00pm

Hoot is ‘a creative arts organisation in Kirklees that normalises mental health, supports personal growth, and promotes social change’.


Origins of a Writer

Sat 1st Apr '17, 1:45pm

Jaimes Lewis Moran quizzes Bradford poet Nick Toczek about his writing, teaching, and forty year performance career.


Running a Spoken Word Event

Sat 1st Apr '17, 2:45pm

Helen Shay from ‘Poems, Prose and Pints’ chats with other organisers and offers handy tips.


Nothing is Meant to be Broken

Sat 1st Apr '17, 3:45pm

Rose Drew from Stairwell Books asks Mark Connors about his debut collection with this York-based publisher.


Holding up half the Sky

Sat 1st Apr '17, 4:30pm

Hannah Stone and Rosemary Mitchell give voice to women’s writing through time and across the world.


Around the Campfire

Sat 1st Apr '17, 5:30pm

Horror author Janine-Langley Wood and guests delve into dark childhood memories to see what narratives they inspire.


The Borrowers

Sat 1st Apr '17, 6:15pm

Hear what happens when Ilkley Writers team up with local authors to raid random texts from Seacroft Library.


Broken Biscuit Club

Sat 1st Apr '17, 7:30pm

Writers, biscuits: what could go wrong? A collaborative project with regulars from literary social night Fictions of Every Kind.


WOA Open Mic

Sat 1st Apr '17, 8:30pm

Local writers shake their wordy bootie. But don’t leave it to the locals; come and have a go.


Malika Booker

Sat 1st Apr '17, 9:15pm

Malika is a British Caribbean poet who is currently the Douglas Caster Cultural Fellow in Creative Writing at The University of Leeds.


Being Here

Sat 1st Apr '17, 10:15pm

Women from the Italian and Caribbean communities in Harehills tell their extraordinary stories of arriving in Britain in the 1950s.


The Secret Deli

Sat 1st Apr '17, 9:00am

The Deli team set out a groaning breakfast table of poetry, comedy, discussion and music on the theme of... ah, that’s a secret.


Ilkley Open Mic

Fri 31st Mar '17, 8:45pm

Join Mark Connors and Gill Lambert with the very best of Ilkley Open Mic from 2003 to the present day.


Goblin Market

Fri 31st Mar '17, 10:15pm

Anzir Boodoo performs this extraordinary Victorian poem by Christina Rossetti in a one-man tour de force.


GD live at the Chapel

Fri 31st Mar '17, 10:30am

Children from local Grimes Dyke Primary bring us their poetry, thoughts and discussions on the theme of Communication.


Shout Out

Fri 31st Mar '17, 12:30pm

Presented by Space2, groups of young people from across Leeds read work inspired by experiences of mental health, mental illness and stigma.


WOA International

Fri 31st Mar '17, 12:00pm

Alicia Fernandez reads her poems, with Linda Loganathan and writers from Germany, USA, Holland, and Ireland.


Writing Friends

Fri 31st Mar '17, 1:15pm

Kindred writing spirits Jaimes Lewis Moran, Kevin Phillips and Alicia Fernandez talk about their love of words.


Through the Gate

Fri 31st Mar '17, 1:45pm

Radio drama from James Fernie, Linda Casper, and Sarah Cluderay. A flight from Milan is delayed and tensions rise in the Waiting Area.


Before I was Fabulous

Fri 31st Mar '17, 3:00pm

Stephanie Buick and friends share stories and music from times when they were slightly less fabulous than they are now.


Jimmy Andrex on Clive James

Fri 31st Mar '17, 5:15pm

A celebration of one of Britain’s (or should that be Australia’s) best-known but least appreciated writers.


Queens of Dawson City

Fri 31st Mar '17, 6:15pm

‘On’t bleak moors, the Queen, Tong, Musky Carol and Tamora eye Harker’s erection and Sebastian’s wicket’.


Town Below The Steps

Fri 31st Mar '17, 7:30pm

Half Moon Books presents this brand new poetry play by Matthew Hedley Stoppard and sixteen other Otley poets.



Thu 30th Mar '17, 1:45pm

Young writers working on an original radio drama about the Partition of India give us a flavour of the final piece.


Secret Library

Thu 30th Mar '17, 2:30pm

Stu Hennigan reads winning entries from East Leeds Primary Partnership and Leeds Libraries writing competition The Secret Library.