Since June 2021, here at Chapel FM Arts Centre we’ve been running a Climate group for young people to explore the climate crisis. These young peopled, aged 11-16, have met each week to look at the global and local effects of climate change. We’ve spoken to local activists and organisers, produced Vox Pops with the local people, written poetry on the subject, reviewed documentaries and looked at protest music and movements.

The group have created two climate-themed Red Kite shows on East Leeds FM, which unearth the causes and solutions to the climate crisis. They’ve been passionate and articulate in their research, some coming with a keen interest in the topic, others who didn’t know very much about the issues when we started.

This weekend we’re heading to COP26 to cover the conference. We want to cover the responses, thoughts and the fringe events. We’ve excited to interview MPs and activist groups, theatre-makers, as well as the general bustle of people around during the summit. We’ll be recoreding and reporting so we can create more special radio show, and possibly a live performance of story-telling and poetry which could be brought to schools and venues.

If you’re at COP26, or in Glasgow during the 6th and 7th November and want to get in touch, contact Henry on

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