This year’s Leeds Armed Forces Day will be happening on the radio. East Leeds FM is proud to be teaming up with Leeds City Council and others to present a day of unique radio full of oral history interviews about the experience of being in the Services, plus music, poetry, radio drama and much more.

Tune in on 94.6FM in parts of Leeds and on anywhere in the world.

In this time of coronavirus social distancing, with the usual outdoor event on Briggate in Leeds City Centre not being viable, we are pleased to be able to explore how the power of radio can bring people together to share and learn from oral histories on the meaning of being in the Services and how music, literature, conversations, radio drama and other forms can break down barriers and create empathy in these challenging times.



Note that exact times may vary slightly. Also, all of these programmes will be available for listening online in our East Leeds FM radio archives

  • 10:00am – Welcome and Introductions
  • 10:05am – Leeds City Councillor and Armed Forces Champion Jane Dowson
  • 10:25am – Oral History Interview 1: service member Jen Walley
  • 10:40am – Musician Jessica Poole
  • 10:45am – Ed Anderson, Lord Lieutenant of West Yorkshire
  • 10:50am – Leeds City Councillor and Armed Forces Champion Mohammed Iqbal
  • 11:00am – Oral History Interview 2: service member Jeff Gantschuk, Royal British Legion Leeds Group and Leeds Armed Forces Day Parade Marshall
  • 11:20am – The West Yorkshire Fire & Rescue Service Band
  • 11:30am – Oral History Interview 3: service member Halima Khan
  • 11:45am – Oral History Interview 4: service member Kevin Bowles
  • 12:00pm – Leeds City Councillor and Armed Forces Champion Caroline Gruen
  • 12:20pm – Oral History Interview 5: Paul Thomson on the Forgotten Conflicts of the Far East project
  • 12:30pm – Yorkshire Hidden Histories by Catherine Warr: Ginger Lacey
  • 12:35pm – Oral History Interview 6: service member Naheed Tariq
  • 12:50pm – Cath Chat: Pat, a grandmother, remembers Leeds during wartime
  • 1:15pm – Leeds City Councillor Jane Dowson
  • 1:25pm – Oral History Interview 7: service member Edna Hilditch
  • 1:40pm – Oral History Interview 8: Sarah Kinsey-Learoyd, a military wife
  • 2:00pm – Fall into Place Theatre: Andrew Parkin creating a new theatre production about Gallipoli
  • 2:15pm – Oral History Interview 9: service member Stephen Marshall
  • 2:30pm –Leeds City Councillor Mohammed Iqbal
  • 2:45pm – Oral History Interview 10: service member Phil Waterhouse
  • 3:15pm – Chapel FM Arts Centre’s Next Generation Broadcasters on youth cadets
  • 3:25pm – Oral History Interview 11: Tiffany, from the Military Wives Choir
  • 3:45pm – Leeds City Councillor Caroline Gruen
  • 3:55pm – Leeds City Councillor Jane Dowson
  • 4:00pm – “Over to You” Armed Forces Day music request show with host Linda Sage
Tuning in on Saturday, June 27 to this Armed Forces Day broadcast will give listeners insights about how peoples’ life choices, whether joining the Services or expressing their military experiences through music, writing or other arts. Listeners will be swept away by the insights, humour and passion of those whose stories we are helping to share.
Tune in to the Armed Forces Day broadcast:
  • On FM radio at 94.6FM in many parts of Leeds
  • On anywhere in the world
  • And online later for listening on demand

To submit music dedications and stories, please 

or call / text: 07305448989.

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