Like many organisations we are closed over the Christmas and New Years period, this will be from Friday the 20th December 2019 – Monday the 6th January 2020.

With the one exemption being our Festive Open Mic Night on Friday the 27th of December.

If you wish to sign up please show up at 7pm on the day. The performance’s starts at 7:30pm
For more detail please click on the link provided below.

A Very Festive Open Mic Night – Dec ’19

Once we will return, we will be working on and towards many new projects and events.

If you wish to check out an example of our previous work we recently finished up our 10th Annual Musicathon with over 44 diffrent acts performing as part of 24h of live non stop music


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Access All Areas Summer Radio Broadcasts – 2019

A fabulous week of radio created in East Leeds drawing on our Summer Music and Broadcasting courses and dozens of ELFM radio hosts, producers and artists that ran from August 3-9.

Go backstage in your mind…..dare to tread where you’ve never been before….look up in to the skies or behind a pile of rubble….dare to tell it how it is.

Scroll down for the Complete Archive of the 37 programmes created during the summer of 2019 and broadcast on ELFM. Hear how members of our community broke down barriers, crossed divides and shared passions all using the power of radio!