Isaac Love was part of our Next Generation training programmes a couple of years back…and then he moved to Scotland.

But it was great to have him back recently on a week-long work placement at Chapel FM. We asked him to sum up what he had learnt:

“Two things stand out…because of my work experience at Chapel FM I know what I want to do for a career… and I was surprised to find out how many arts venues there are across Leeds.” (we took Isaac to one of our donut group meetings—lots of small venues outside of the city centre)

So coming back to Chapel FM after a couple of years and seeing it now as a bit of an outsider, what did Isaac make of the place and how would he explain it to others?

“From the week starting the 12th of November I did a week’s worth of work experience and during that week I learnt about how the Chapel is run and what it offers to the community. The important thing to know is that Chapel FM is run by a small group of staff who are supported by a group of volunteers from the local area.

Since ELFM’s origins in 2003 doing school work with John Smeaton, they now have a dedicated arts centre and soon a full time FM licence. But even now Chapel FM still offers courses for the young people of Seacroft and East Leeds, developing their interests in music, producing and writing. These courses also gives the young people practice communicating with others their age and helps them to develop as people.

Chapel FM is open to anyone and everyone, “age is irrelevant” no matter what your interests are, they have something for you. It is important to many people in the area and is key to the arts scene in Seacroft and beyond. While specialising in radio and live music, it is so much more.”

We couldn’t have put it better!


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We do take people on work experience from time to time but we prioritise people who have spent time on our courses or volunteered with us (like Isaac). If you are interested then get in touch.