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First Story

Fri 1st Oct '21, 10:30am

Young writers from West Yorkshire schools return to Chapel FM. First Story is a national organization bringing professional writers to secondary schools.


Step Up and Out

Fri 1st Oct '21, 12:30pm

Students from Rodillian High present stories and poems about seeing and being seen.


Red Kite: Writing On Air 2021

Fri 1st Oct '21, 1:30pm

Red Kite is Chapel FM’s regular show made by and for young people.


Womb Stories

Fri 1st Oct '21, 2:30pm

An exploration of stories from the womb by Charlotte Carrick and Holly Early, accompanied by experimental audio


Wild Geese

Fri 1st Oct '21, 3:30pm

Repentance? Despair? John Irving Clarke and the Agbrigg Writers discuss what they see in Mary Oliver’s vivid poem.


What Did Jane Eyre See?

Fri 1st Oct '21, 4:30pm

Geraldine Beattie talks about Jane Eyre's visions/vision: Bronte's Jane had fascinating perspectives to bring to that marriage, Reader!


The Great Debate

Fri 1st Oct '21, 5:45pm

Chapel FM’s radio theatre turns mini-parliament for a free-spirited debate about Seacroft, past, present and future


Leeds Creatives United

Sat 2nd Oct '21, 10:00am

Playwright Jonathan Hall talks about new ways to bring Leeds theatre makers together, post-pandemic


Vickie and DB

Sat 2nd Oct '21, 11:00am

Vickie Orton welcomes guest storyteller, disability rights activist, musician and author, DB, who premieres his latest stories and musical compositions


Served with a Runcible Spoon

Sat 2nd Oct '21, 12:00pm

Runcible Spoon poets gives us their angle on where we are, who we are, and what exactly we’re doing here


Through the Eyes of a Child.

Sat 2nd Oct '21, 1:00pm

Lydia Kennaway reads poems about her early visual impairment, with poet and GP Emma Storr.



Sat 2nd Oct '21, 2:00pm

In Stefan Grieve’s drama, three people are trapped. One can only see the past, one the future, the other the present. How to escape?


A Ship, A Dream

Sat 2nd Oct '21, 2:45pm

It’s 1934 and Lawrence of Arabia is secretly designing super-fast ships for the Navy. Really? True story from Nicholas Bielby.


The Blanket

Sat 2nd Oct '21, 3:45pm

The blanket is a birthday present, a love story, a fifty year old memoir and a revelation. From Jane Kite


A View From Here

Sat 2nd Oct '21, 6:00pm

The Performance Ensemble tell us in poetry, dance and song how the world looks from an older perspective. Art with the wisdom of experience



Sat 2nd Oct '21, 6:45pm

Nick Ellerby, from Oasis School of Human Relations, is quizzed by young activists from Chapel FM about his vision for the future


High Risk

Sat 2nd Oct '21, 8:00pm

What’s prison really like? An eloquent and powerfully affecting interactive spoken word performance by ex-offenders, plus Q&A.


Loudspeaker Live

Sat 2nd Oct '21, 9:30pm

D3 and Sarah Autumn present a Live version of this monthly spoken word show


The Way We See It

Sun 3rd Oct '21, 11:30am

Otley Poets respond to Antony Gormley’s 'Earth Above Ground' and 'Brick Man' in Leeds Art Gallery


Who Sees? Who Says?

Sun 3rd Oct '21, 12:30pm

Writers from the Northern Short Story Festival Academy explore point of view and perspective.


Seeing Through The Mask

Sun 3rd Oct '21, 2:00pm

What if the mask is a wheelchair or a white stick, or make-up? Storyteller Vickie Orton with guests.



Sun 3rd Oct '21, 3:30pm

In Helen Shay’s play, a girl comes to Seacroft to sort out a late relative’s estate and discovers strange, unexpected music in her family’s past


Yaffle Presents

Sun 3rd Oct '21, 6:00pm

Local independent press Yaffle bring together a gaggle of poets under their publishing wing.


I Am The Landscape

Sun 3rd Oct '21, 6:45pm

Poems inspired by Barbara Hepworth’s sculptures, from poet Clare Wigzell.


It’s a Miracle

Sun 3rd Oct '21, 7:30pm

An old secret between two old ladies finally comes to light. Short story by Neil Rathmell, performed by Pam Hilton


Tower of Song

Sun 3rd Oct '21, 8:30pm

Well-versed in the art of writing to theme, regulars of fabulous songwriters’ night Tower of Song perform Vision songs to round off Writing on Air 2021