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Sat 10th Jul '21, 4:00pm

GREAAT chat to Suriya from YSWN, and Alice from Super Friendz, celebrating the amazing women bringing diversity to their roles in the music industry!


ELFM Women Make Sound #3

Sat 10th Jul '21, 3:00pm

This month we chat to Abby Warner about producing her own tracks at home, plus, the magical world of DJ Phatbass where Fearies and Dwarves mingle with zombies and phat tunes!



Sat 12th Jun '21, 4:00pm

GREAAT talk all things production in music - from being a ‘producer’ to being an artist in the studio, producing grassroots events and working at large-scale events.


ELFM Women Make Sound #2

Sat 12th Jun '21, 3:00pm

A monthly show celebrating women and marginalised genders who make sound! To get involved contact



Sat 8th May '21, 4:00pm

Listen to GREAAT - Gender Rebalance Equality Action and Advisory Team, chat about their work in the music industry.


ELFM Women Make Sound

Sat 8th May '21, 3:00pm

The debut women make sound show at ELFM. Featuring local female artists chatting about their work and the barriers they have faced and overcome.