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Vandal Factory #22: A Protest Is A Performance

Wed 27th Mar '24, 8:00pm

Henry and Natalie are joined by occult comedian Andrew O’Neill and folk troubadour Johnny Campbell. Come walk the rocky road as we chat about rambling, land rights and more!


Vandal Factory #21: It’s Called The Struggle

Wed 28th Feb '24, 8:00pm

Mark Thomas talks about England & Son, his play about class and capitalism. Seth Mowshowitz from Fold discusses their latest single 'Forever War' about the Military Industry.


Vandal Factory #20: Disability Arts and Activism Special

Tue 2nd Jan '24, 6:15pm

How have disabled people used art to fight for equal rights in an ableist world? Featuring Vince Laws, The Lunatraktors & Gill Crawshaw about textiles, art and industry.


Vandal Factory #19: Palestine Solidarity Special

Tue 5th Dec '23, 6:15pm

In this special 2-parter (Part 1), we champion Palestinian artists and voices in the struggle for rights and freedom against a brutal military siege and occupation.


Vandal Factory #18: Live at Big Up Fest!

Tue 7th Nov '23, 6:15pm

Vandal Factory's first podcast in front of a live audience at Big Up Fest at The Tetely. Featuring photographer Shy Burhan and rapper Henny Hurtz talking about community arts.


Vandal Factory #17: The Seeds and the Tools

Tue 3rd Oct '23, 6:15pm

What a summer! Theatre, festivals and anti-fascism! Henry and Natalie talk to Peyvand Sadeghian and play some Problem Patterns punk.