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Vandal Factory #18: Live at Big Up Fest!

Tue 7th Nov '23, 6:15pm

Vandal Factory's first podcast in front of a live audience at Big Up Fest at The Tetely. Featuring photographer Shy Burhan and rapper Henny Hurtz talking about community arts.


Vandal Factory #17: The Seeds and the Tools

Tue 3rd Oct '23, 6:15pm

What a summer! Theatre, festivals and anti-fascism! Henry and Natalie talk to Peyvand Sadeghian and play some Problem Patterns punk.


Vandal Factory #16: : Anarchist Art Is Fun

Mon 4th Sep '23, 6:15pm

Henry chats to CJ runs Black Lodge Press, creating political, radgey, spikey, angry, cheeky and bold artwork


Vandal Factory #15: Defiantly Compassionate

Tue 25th Jul '23, 6:15pm

We celebrate the life of a friend and discuss the latest wave of violence affecting the Freedom Theatre in Palestine. Plus music by Fold and interview with actor Libra.


Vandal Factory #14: Thrown back into the fray

Fri 2nd Jun '23, 6:00pm

Dani from Faintest Idea talks about their new ska-punk masterpiece album, and Hannah Davies reads from her new collection Dolls. Plus bangers, political provocations and poems!


Vandal Factory #13: Dance Like A Feminist

Tue 7th Mar '23, 6:15pm

We chat and dance with Bolshee CIC about the Dancefloor Project, and discuss Dougald Hine's book At Work In The Ruins. What happens when there's no future to build towards?