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The Disabled Table #5

Fri 7th Jan '22, 5:00pm

Juwairia flies solo today! But we have all your favourite features on disabled humour, stories and experiences. Plus guest interview with austic poet Tom Juniper!


The Disabled Table #4

Fri 3rd Dec '21, 5:00pm

On this festive special, Harry and Juwairia are joined by Gail from DISrupt, a collective of disabled artists in Leeds. Plus usual features, tunes and chat!


The Disabled Table #3

Mon 22nd Nov '21, 7:30pm

Join us for humour and stories! Discussing ableism in education, advice for going out alone for the first time as a disabled plus story-teller and artist Vickie Orton.


The Disabled Table #2

Fri 1st Oct '21, 5:00pm

Come take a place at the Disabled Table with Harry and Juwairia nattering about disabled lives, stories and comedy.


The Disabled Table

Tue 13th Jul '21, 6:30pm

Join Harry and Juwairia for a new show about disabled stories and humour. What are the 10 things you should never ask a disabled person? Plus an interview with playwright Bogsey.