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Take A Bite Out Of This: Making the Most of What’s Around

Tue 14th May '24, 6:00pm

Making the most of what's around now that spring is here, from foraging wild garlic to using up what's in your fridge . Join us as we offer some more food ideas.


Take A Bite Out Of This: Bread For The Table

Tue 27th Feb '24, 3:00pm

Join us for the first time of 2024 as we delve into the topic of bread & its place in culture around the globe, as well as conversation about our new Soundbites cafe!


Take A Bite Out Of This: The Best of British Food

Sun 25th Jun '23, 11:15am

Fish and chips, sausages, history of food in the UK, we dive quite deep into the regions foods and even share some budget recipies. Enjoy and please do share your feedback.


Take a Bite Out of This: The Picnic Special

Sun 28th May '23, 11:15am

Grab your picnic blanket and come along with us today, the sunshine is out, why not be inspired this bank holiday weekend to pack a picnic!


Take A Bite Out Of This: Tea and Coffee part 2

Sun 23rd Apr '23, 11:15am

Tea and Coffee part 2... we have so much more to say. Herbal tea anyone?


Take a Bite Out Of This: Episode 4

Sun 26th Mar '23, 11:15am

Let's talk tea, coffee. Which is your favourite, how do you like it made and any health benefits. What biscuits dunk best and the rest...