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Learning from Life with Linda Sage #43 Dr. Haidar Al-Hakim

Fri 16th Jul '21, 10:00am

Welcome to the world of Dr. Haidar Al-Hakim, aka. The Third Eye Doctor!


Learning from Life with Linda Sage #42 Alka

Fri 9th Jul '21, 10:00am

Passionate about care | Registered care home manager | Mum | Independent Woman (very proud single mum) of 2 Jaan’s. Young entrepreneur Son & A loving enthusiastic daughter


Learning from Life with Linda Sage #41 Carol Boston

Fri 2nd Jul '21, 10:00am

Carol Boston is known as the Queen of Reframe, who helps you reframe any challenge so you can double or triple your income in record time.


Learning from Life with Linda Sage #40 Olga Geidane

Fri 11th Jun '21, 10:00am

Linda has her first returning guest. Olga works with people (and the leaders within organisations) who are ready to go through a significant growth to reclaim authenticity


Learning from Life with Linda Sage #39 Pauline Morris

Fri 28th May '21, 10:00am

The founder of Doctors Caring for Doctors, a career coaching and support service for doctors, Dr. Pauline’s mission is to help doctors discover how they can have a fulfilling li


Learning from Life with Linda Sage #38 Bill Guertin

Fri 21st May '21, 10:00am

Bill Guertin (pronounced like "13") is known to many as "The 800-Pound Gorilla of Sales Performance." In his work as one of the top trainers within the ticket sales departments.

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