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SAVE OUR STORIES – a community radio play

Thu 6th Jul '23, 2:00pm

SEA.CORP have arrived in East Leeds. When a group of local young people discover the plans, they decide to spread the word and share the stories of our home from home spaces.


Home From Home: Hyde Park Picture House

Fri 30th Jun '23, 1:00pm

"It's feel like we're just waking up." Staff and friends of HPPH talk about their grand re-opening after 3 years and why cinema is a space for shared communities.


Home From Home: Harehills Bowling Club

Wed 28th Jun '23, 1:00pm

Young and old gather to play a Wedensday match. Henry chats with bowls addicts about the health benefits and community camaraderie from the Bowling community.


Home From Home: The Welcome In Community Centre and Cafe

Fri 16th Jun '23, 2:00pm

OPAL run the Welcome In Community Centre and Cafe in Horsforth for older people. Listen to voices from staff, volunteers and participants discussing what 'community' means.


Home From Home: Cards or Die Board Gaming

Fri 16th Jun '23, 1:00pm

Ann talks about the business of board games. At one of her events - the Monday Blues Buster at the Welcome In, she discusses how sinking battleships keeps people together.


Home From Home: Methley George

Fri 9th Jun '23, 5:00pm

Phil tells the story of a man who rides buses across Yorkshire every single day and ponders where his home from home is?


Home From Home: Clare and Vélo toutes animations (Bike activities)

Mon 5th Jun '23, 12:00am

Based at Maison de Quartier les Moulins (Moulin Social Centre) in Lille, France, Clare goes to parks and neighbourhoods with activities to engage children.


Home From Home: Maison de Quartier les Moulins

Mon 5th Jun '23, 12:00am

Staff and young broadcasters at Maison de Quartier les Moulins (Moulin Social Centre) in Lille, France, talk about their radio station and community space


Home From Home: Seacroft Hookers

Fri 2nd Jun '23, 6:00pm

Tuesday evenings at Ls14 Pantry you'll find a knitting group of all ages chatting and supporting each other. Today happens to me founders Mark and Clarrie's wedding anniversary!


Home From Home: Dr Jo Hawkins and Haworth

Fri 2nd Jun '23, 12:00pm

Jo talks with Gilly and Rayyah about the magic of the moors, communities in pubs, dog-walking and the nature of hiraeth all linked to 'Bronte country'


Home From Home: Beckie Murphy and Gipton Together

Fri 26th May '23, 5:00pm

Gipton Together supports young people and their families with classes ranging from dance to boxing. Based at the Henry Baron Centre, Beckie talks about their history and ethos.


Home From Home: Rosie Kelly and the Circus Community

Wed 17th May '23, 12:00pm

Rosie is a circus performer. She talks to Gilly and Rayyah about her route into circus, her work in hospitals and how Leeds celebrates circus


Home From Home: Elaine Dickinson and Seacroft Library

Wed 10th May '23, 3:00pm

'It was like a treasure trove to me' - Elaine talks about her love of book, reading and the Seacroft Library as a special place to escape.


Home From Home: Gilly Langley and the City Varieties

Tue 9th May '23, 7:30pm

Gilly talks about working at one of Leeds' oldest theatre. The joys, the favourite shows and the challenges in a post-pandemic world.


Home From Home: Sammie Hall and Kiddal Quarry Farm

Tue 9th May '23, 6:00pm

Just off the A64 you'll find lambs, ducks, chickens, cows and Sammie. Sammie talks about bringing more people to access the land and getting their hands dirty.


Home From Home: Janine Griffiths and Bradford

Wed 3rd May '23, 6:00pm

Jounralist Janine talks to Gilly, Vicky, Henry, Rayyah and Danny about the spaces that matter to her in the City of Bradford.


Home From Home: Samaira Arshad on the Seacroft Centre and Library

Fri 28th Apr '23, 6:00pm

Samaira talks about the shop her father ran at the old Seacroft Centre, as well as her love and escape to the old Seacroft Library.


Home From Home: Barry Ewart

Mon 30th Jan '23, 2:00pm

Barry talks about working class life in Seacroft in the 1950s-70s, including meeting different cultures through football and pubs like Youth Clubs and the Labour Rooms.


Home From Home: Seacroft Community On Top (Cat Dunwell)

Sun 1st Jan '23, 6:00pm

After seeing community groups and connections deteriorate, Cat talks about getting projects up-and-running to get people joining in.


Home From Home: Seacroft Community On Top (Stacey Hubbard)

Sun 1st Jan '23, 5:30pm

Sports Co-Ordinator of S.C.O.T. talks about how young people and teams wanted to set up teams, groups and be part of leagues. So she made it happen.


Home From Home: Seacroft Community On Top (Beverley Bingham)

Sun 1st Jan '23, 5:00pm

Beverley talks about Denis Healey, Labour MP, and the Denis Healey Centre and both he and the centre's role in East Leeds. But also change and trying to make everybody welcome.


Art Therapy as a Home From Home

Thu 1st Dec '22, 4:00pm

Reflections from "The Art Home" art therapy group led by Viv Gibbons at Chapel FM. For further information please contact Viv Gibbons: 07809907958 Email:


Home From Home: John & Simon Gibson

Wed 31st Aug '22, 3:00pm

Brothers John and Simon Gibson talk about growing up in Seacroft, working at the news agent that was attached to the Methodist Chapel that is now home to Chapel FM and more.


Home From Home: Rita Keeley

Sun 24th Jul '22, 10:00pm

Local Seacroft resident Rita talks about the places and spaces in the local area that mean something to her: "This is where I belong"