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The Big Live East Leeds FM Radio Broadcast

Thu 23rd Sep '21, 7:00pm

Find out what it's like to create and host an inventive community radio show in this special live gathering of many of the presenters from East Leeds FM (ELFM).


Arts at the Arms

Fri 24th Sep '21, 7:30pm

Chapel FM transforms into an imaginary pub for an evening of short theatre pieces, music and more. Created by


“Red Kite” Podcast & Radio Show Live

Sat 25th Sep '21, 5:00pm

A live broadcast of our spectacular podcast and radio show all about how young people from Leeds see the world in adventurous and unexpected ways. And hear about our plans to trave


Community Open Mic – September 25, 2021

Sat 25th Sep '21, 7:30pm

In celebration of the opening of the recently renovated and expanded Chapel FM Arts Centre, join us for a special Seacroft Community Open Mic featuring a whirlwind of local talent


Mik Artistik’s “Ego Trip”

Wed 29th Sep '21, 7:30pm

Delightful, frightening and strange Mik puffs, pants, roars, makes stuff up, sometimes croons like a dream and talks about his podcast “Mik Artistik’s Ego Trip.”

Media available soon!


Connecting Women

Fri 8th Oct '21, 7:30pm

An evening of music, storytelling, interviews and more showcasing the many creative roles of women in our community and wider Leeds.


GRAND FINALE: Community Creations, Seacroft Stories and Chapel FM Jazz Collective

Sat 9th Oct '21, 7:30pm

The Good to Go festival concludes with a closing celebration featuring the Chapel FM Jazz Collective and community creations.