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Is It Folk? #23

Sun 11th Nov '18, 3:00pm

Owen Spafford returns with a selection of folk for all types of folk, this time with a European theme.


Is It Folk? #22

Sun 14th Oct '18, 4:00pm

Owen returns with a wide variety of music asking the very important question..... Is It Folk???


Is It Folk? #21

Sun 8th Jul '18, 4:00pm

Owen Bring you a great selection of Folk music to brighten up your day and talks about his band NIDD playing this Wednesday.


Is It Folk? #20

Sun 10th Jun '18, 4:00pm

This month featuring a discussion with Ian Lynch of Lankum, Raga inspired minimalism, Sliabh Luachra polkas, English orchestral trad. and more!


Is It Folk? #19

Sun 13th May '18, 3:00pm

Owen Spafford presents a colourful diaspora of folk music (or is it?) from across the world, this month featuring a mix of contemporary minimalist composers


Is It Folk? #18

Sun 11th Feb '18, 4:00pm

Owen Spafford returns with some Scandinavian trance-folk, contemporary classical organ, beautiful English concertina, a mystery Valentine's song and much more folk (or is it!?)

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