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Is It Folk? #24

Sun 10th Feb '19, 3:00pm

This month Owen looks at the effect that music such as the music of the Baroque period, Gaelic vocal traditions, Zulu music and jazz has had on folk and traditional music


Is It Folk? #23

Sun 11th Nov '18, 3:00pm

Owen Spafford returns with a selection of folk for all types of folk, this time with a European theme.


Is It Folk? #22

Sun 14th Oct '18, 4:00pm

Owen returns with a wide variety of music asking the very important question..... Is It Folk???


Is It Folk? #21

Sun 8th Jul '18, 4:00pm

Owen Bring you a great selection of Folk music to brighten up your day and talks about his band NIDD playing this Wednesday.


Is It Folk? #20

Sun 10th Jun '18, 4:00pm

This month featuring a discussion with Ian Lynch of Lankum, Raga inspired minimalism, Sliabh Luachra polkas, English orchestral trad. and more!


Is It Folk? #19

Sun 13th May '18, 3:00pm

Owen Spafford presents a colourful diaspora of folk music (or is it?) from across the world, this month featuring a mix of contemporary minimalist composers

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