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Find Your Frequency Taster

Fri 12th Oct '18, 1:00pm

We welcome a new group of Find Your Frequency participants to East Leeds FM


Getting to know us

Thu 17th May '18, 2:00pm

David, Daz, Elaine and Zioness practice their interview skills by finding out about each other's hobbies and interests


Things that interest us

Wed 16th May '18, 2:00pm

Brian, David and Toby talk about their interests, including homelessness, religion and the upcoming royal wedding


Music with a Message

Thu 10th May '18, 2:00pm

Daz, Elaine & Zioness present a collection of songs with a strong message along with lots of religious, political and social discussion


Cinemas, Gangsters and Aliens

Wed 25th Apr '18, 2:00pm

Brian, Carl and Elliot discuss their interests in film and the extraterrestrial


See the person, not the disability

Tue 24th Apr '18, 2:00pm

DB explores the world of disability and the arts, looking at some of the challenges faced by the disabled community