CJC @ the Old Fire Station

Mon 5th Aug '19, 4:00pm

Listen in for a special performance of the Chapel's very own Jazz Collective from the Old Fire Station.


Get Lost in Leeds

Mon 5th Aug '19, 10:00am

There are places in the city, hidden just out of sight and off the noisy roads, where all sorts of mysteries and histories lie crouched amongst the wild paths


The Red Kite: An Urban Tail

Mon 5th Aug '19, 11:00am

The reintroduction of the Red Kite has been one of the UK’s greatest conservation success stories, Seacroft was one of the first urban areas in Yorkshire where they were spotted.


West Yorkshire Queer Stories

Sun 4th Aug '19, 12:00pm

Hear how this amazing project has enabled LGBTQ people from around West Yorkshire to tell their stories


Kate Hutchinson: Blurring the Lines

Sun 4th Aug '19, 3:00pm

Rock music has long been a voice for minority groups…. and this includes the transgender community


Monique & Madge Do Pride

Sun 4th Aug '19, 1:00pm

Join Madge and Monique for their live coverage of the Leeds Pride Event.


What does Pride mean to you?

Sun 4th Aug '19, 4:00pm

Commemorating Gay Pride. Mlindi Kulashe talks about some tackling issues, the LGBTQ+ community are still facing today


East Leeds FM – Live from Unity Day

Sat 3rd Aug '19, 12:00pm

Listen in to ELFM with there Live Coverage of Unity Day