Tune in and Turn on

Sun 24th Mar '19, 10:00am

Poet Helen Burke with Phil Pattinson dial up voices of protest, from Beethoven to The Beats.


The Fear

Sun 24th Mar '19, 11:00am

Challenge the irrational beliefs that give fear its foundations, with Linda Sage



Sun 24th Mar '19, 11:30am

Set in a support group, this play by Fay Kesby explores the commonalities of oppression and the deep, meaningful love of biscuits.


The Prose Poem

Sun 24th Mar '19, 12:15pm

Prose Poetry is surging in popularity. Oz Hardwick and Hannah Stone offer a celebration of the form, along with a discussion of its characteristics and potential.


Walking on Air

Sun 24th Mar '19, 1:15pm

Maggie Mash chats with Anglo-American poet Lydia Kennaway about her new pamphlet, A History of Walking.


Phenomena: The Forgotten Works

Sun 24th Mar '19, 2:00pm

Word, music and electronic sound in which time stretches, space becomes permeable, and lost voices speak again


Savages on Air

Sun 24th Mar '19, 3:00pm

The oldest-established writing group in Yorkshire read pieces exploring the theme of Voices.


Laura Potts

Sun 24th Mar '19, 4:30pm

Laura talks about the musical and literary influences which have shaped her work from childhood verse to adult voice.


Queens of Dawson City

Sun 24th Mar '19, 5:00pm

Meet Slitherbi, Gloit, Mucky Carol, Agatha Hard-Boiled Gelding III, and Reverend Pike. Meanwhile a Naculator is up to no good.


Inkwell: Transforming with Poetry

Sat 23rd Mar '19, 6:00pm

Resist, heal, engage, transcend; words from the heart making a difference in people’s lives.



Sat 23rd Mar '19, 7:00pm

New local poetry publisher Yaffle showcase both new and familiar voices reading from their forthcoming pamphlets and collections.


Studio 12

Sat 23rd Mar '19, 8:15pm

A selection of spoken word performances from the Manifesto in Verse project, exploring how borders affect our personal, public and political lives.



Sat 23rd Mar '19, 9:00pm

Malika Booker, Khadijah Ibrahiim, and Vahni Capildeo talk about Colonizinin Reverse, their poetic response to Windrush: Songs in a Strange Land


Angles of Light (Part2)

Sat 23rd Mar '19, 9:45pm

Juleus Ghunta introduces a panoply of poets from The Caribbean in this bumper follow-up to Part 1 which aired on Love The Words.


Hearing the Voice (part 3)

Sat 23rd Mar '19, 10:00am

The final instalment in our series from Hearing The Voice, the research project at Durham University.


Poetry of Art

Sat 23rd Mar '19, 11:30am

Poets give voices to their favourite works of art in Leeds Art Gallery, introduced by Sandra Burnett.


Origins of a Writer: Kevin Phillips

Sat 23rd Mar '19, 11:30am

In the latest in his series, Jaimes Lewis Moran talks to writer Kevin Phillips about his experiences.


Haiku Half Hour

Sat 23rd Mar '19, 12:15pm

Poet Joe Williams challenges a selection of local writers to create micro-poetry using the 5-7-5 haiku form.


Learning to be Heard

Sat 23rd Mar '19, 1:15pm

Gill Lambert brings her students from Swarthmore to read their poems and stories.


The Importance of Being Indie

Sat 23rd Mar '19, 2:00pm

A panel discusses independent publishers and marginalised voices in contemporary literature, with Kevin Duffy (BlueMoose), Jeremy Poynting (PeePal Tree) and author SJ Bradley.


Community Voice

Sat 23rd Mar '19, 3:00pm

How do local people get heard? Linda Sage hosts a panel of representatives from the Police, the Health Service and the Council.


The Continuing Stories of People We Used to Know

Sat 23rd Mar '19, 3:45pm

Two friends dip into their memories (real and imagined) to tell sweet surreal stories about people they used to know before they knew each other.


Unexpected Voices

Sat 23rd Mar '19, 4:30pm

How to find your voice when you have a disability? Vickie Orton and guests present stories told through art, song and symbols.


Forget Me Knot

Sat 23rd Mar '19, 5:30pm

Three female writers search the world for the lost heart of communication. What else will they find on the journey?


Our Voice Matters

Sat 23rd Mar '19, 5:45pm

Children from Fun Face Drama tell us what matters to them, and why they won’t be silenced.


Strangers in a Strange Land

Fri 22nd Mar '19, 4:30pm

What does home mean? Poems by adults discovering their creativity in English, with Pascha Taylor.


Half Moon Spoken

Fri 22nd Mar '19, 5:15pm

Eleven Half Moon poets read and talk about each other’s poems.


Poetry DNA

Fri 22nd Mar '19, 6:15pm

Poets Tom Weir and Nick Allen reveal to James Fountain how their key influences have shaped their poetic DNA.


Jo Berry

Fri 22nd Mar '19, 7:15pm

Jo’s father was killed in the Brighton bombing of 1984. She has spent the last 18 years in dialogue with the ex-IRA combatant who planted the bomb. She talks to Mike Winter.


Hearing the Voice (part 2)

Fri 22nd Mar '19, 10:00am

HtV is the interdisciplinary study of voice-hearing at Durham University which inspired WOA19’s festival theme.