Puermusic #9

Sun 26th Jan '20, 3:00pm

Kicking of the new year with radio anthems, puermusic delves into the vaults of past and present artists.


Puermusic #8

Sun 24th Nov '19, 3:00pm

Puermusic, Recaps Music Artists Over the Year.


Puermusic #7

Sun 27th Oct '19, 3:00pm

Chatting with Harrogate born singer Skinner, who took a break to write and develop as an artist!Made a comeback releasing her EP titled enough.


Puermusic #6

Sun 28th Jul '19, 3:00pm

Ava in the Dark are an upcoming dreamy Indie Pop/Rock band based in Leeds.


Puermusic #5

Sun 23rd Jun '19, 3:00pm

Supermoon consists of four band members from York and Leeds. They play original indie rock but take influences from classic rock through to the 90s and noughties alternative guitar


Puermusic #4

Sun 26th May '19, 3:00pm

Join Lindsey as she speaks to Isaiah & the Moon Waves


Puermusic #3

Sun 31st Mar '19, 4:00pm

1hr show – 6 songs, up-and-coming artists of Yorkshire and a discussion on their journey The shows aim is to provide a platform for unsigned and new music artists local to Leeds


Puermusic #2

Sun 24th Feb '19, 4:00pm

Puermusic, of artists that are up and coming within Yorkshire on the hip hop and rap scene with a it of a discussion from myself.


Puermusic #1

Sun 27th Jan '19, 4:00pm

Puermusic in the studio on this debut episode with Graft