Love Arts 2018 #2

Thu 18th Oct '18, 5:00pm

In today's programme the Love Arts team discuss some of the highlights of this year's festival. See extended description for advice and support on the themes of today's programme


Love Arts 2018 #1

Wed 10th Oct '18, 5:15pm

Love Arts is back with the theme of connect. In today's programme the Love Arts team from East Leeds FM showcase their findings from the launch and preview some upcoming events


Lost Souls

Sat 6th Oct '18, 5:00pm

Lost Souls tells the story of five separate lives all affected by the falling of one tree in East Leeds


Love Arts 2017 #2

Sun 22nd Oct '17, 5:00pm

Exploring the happenings of the Love Arts Pop Up and the festival's closing party


Love Arts 2017 #1

Sun 8th Oct '17, 5:00pm

Last week saw the return of the Love Arts Festival with a range of events and exhibitions celebrating positive mental health and wellbeing across the city


Love Arts 2016 #3

Fri 21st Oct '16, 6:00pm

As the Love Arts Festival draws to a close, Ryan and our young team of broadcasters present some of the highlights and their favourite moments of 2016's festival


Love Arts 2016 #2

Fri 14th Oct '16, 6:00pm

Young broadcasters explore mental health, creativity and wellbeing within the Love Arts festival. Tonight we will be talking to our very own Fuzzy Jones about the Love Arts Cabaret


Love Arts Cabaret

Fri 14th Oct '16, 7:00pm

As well as celebrating song, dance, poetry and performance Love Arts seeks to raise awareness about mental health


Love Arts 2016 #1

Fri 7th Oct '16, 6:00pm

Chapel FM’s young people are back previewing the festival’s events, promoting mental health and wellbeing through the arts.