Home From Home: Lynne Parker

Sun 24th Jul '22, 7:00pm

Lynne Parker is a poet who grew up in Seacroft in the 60s and 70s. She talks about the spaces and places that shaped her life


Home From Home: Matthew Clegg

Sun 24th Jul '22, 8:00pm

Poet and creative writing tutor Mattew Clegg recalls his days growing up in Cross Gates. Interviewed by Henry, Sam and Adam


Home From Home: Natalie Quatermass

Sun 24th Jul '22, 9:00pm

Natalie grew up on the Wirral, but now firmly part of East Leeds. From the Irish Sea to Seacroft, what are spaces that mean home to her? Interview by James and Jude


Home From Home: Rita Keeley

Sun 24th Jul '22, 10:00pm

Local Seacroft resident Rita talks about the places and spaces in the local area that mean something to her: "This is where I belong"


Home From Home: Parkway Towers

Sun 24th Jul '22, 5:00pm

Once called 'Toxic Towers', Carol and the residents of Parkway Towers talk about building community within their building.


Home From Home: Hairdressers

Sun 24th Jul '22, 10:00am

Lucy and Nimat explore places people go for a cut...and a chat. Meet Roxanne Philips.


Home From Home: Cafes and coffee

Sun 24th Jul '22, 11:00am

Carl Pallister talks to Barry from Recent Beans about building a local business, and we stop by McHale’s Coffee Shop in Seacroft for a cuppa.


Home From Home: Our spaces

Sun 24th Jul '22, 1:00pm

Here you’ll find conversations about churches, theatre, pubs, football fields, LGBTQ+ groups and loads more!


Home From Home: Nature and the outdoors

Sun 24th Jul '22, 2:00pm

This is a collection of voices, thoughts and stories of outdoor home-from-hoes, including Rein Park, the Wykebeck Walk, Roundhay Park and the Killingbeck and Seacroft Allotments.


Home From Home: Carl Makin and housing activism

Sun 24th Jul '22, 3:00pm

Carl Makin is a PhD student researching the regulation of housing. What are the main issues for communities living in social housing, and how can they fight back?


Home From Home: Virtual Reality

Sun 24th Jul '22, 4:00pm

In the 21st century, people are just at home in virtual spaces as they are in physical worlds.


Home From Home: East Leeds through time

Sat 23rd Jul '22, 10:00am

Rita, Lynn Parker, Matthew Clegg and the residents of Parkway Towers talk about Seacroft from the 1950s through to 2022


Home From Home: Theatre in school

Sat 23rd Jul '22, 11:00am

In a classic ‘get the gang back together’ story, the Dawson clan reunite past students to discuss how theatre is a home from home.


Home From Home: Tower of Song

Sat 23rd Jul '22, 4:00pm

Chapel FM collaborates with Tower of Song collective to present 6 musicians playing music on the theme of home

Media available soon!


Home From Home: Playlist

Sat 23rd Jul '22, 1:00pm

Music is an essential tool to talk about Home From Home. Members of our Next Generation group, Flynn, James and Jude, curated this unique playlist of songs about spaces and venues


Home From Home: David Stubbs

Sat 23rd Jul '22, 3:00pm

Music journalist's journey started in East Leeds - specifically the village of Barwick In Elmet. David talks to Ed Sanderson about the places and spaces that were a home for him on


Home From Home: Alan Lane

Sat 23rd Jul '22, 4:00pm

Slung Low Theatre Company have been making big, bold theatre across Yorkshire for over twenty years. For the last few years they have been based at the Holbeck Working Men’s Club.


Home From Home: Open Mic Performances and Interviews

Fri 22nd Jul '22, 8:15pm

Listen in and watch live as our regular open mic night performers come play a few songs and chat about home from home.


Home From Home: Next Generation sharing

Fri 22nd Jul '22, 7:00pm

Next Generation present an evening of soundscapes, songs, spoken word and stories on the theme of HOME FROM HOME