Vandal Factory #8

Tue 21st Jun '22, 6:15pm

Nat talks to professional mermaid and artist Lucy Meredith, while Henry reports back from the TUC march in That London


Vandal Factory #7

Wed 18th May '22, 6:15pm

Looking to the past and the future. Petrol Girls talk about their new album, Baby, while Joe Solo discusses Never Let Them Win. Plus Nat gets a prezzie!


Vandal Factory #6

Sun 24th Apr '22, 4:15pm

Frances Bolley talks about the queer punk opera Hedwig and the Angry Inch, and Henry reports back from Manchester Punk Festival 2022!


Vandal Factory #5

Wed 30th Mar '22, 6:15pm

Henry and Nat chat to theatre dirctor Freyja Winterson how communities can use art to challenge the climate crisis, and Suhaiymah Manzoor-Khan about the power of political poetry


Vandal Factory #4

Tue 18th Jan '22, 6:15pm

Henry and Natalie talk to Mosa Mpetha and Madeline Shann about queer, DIY cinema and making a screendance. Plus your fav features: music, poetry and vibes.


Vandal Factory #3

Tue 21st Dec '21, 6:15pm

How's your hope? How's your anger? Henry and Nat chat to director Dermot Daly and youth worker and DJ Sumayah Khan, plus banging music, perfomance poetry and a whole heap o' joy.


Vandal Factory #2

Tue 16th Nov '21, 6:15pm

Henry and Nat chat: COP26 a cop out? Reflecting on the climate movement with director Zoe Lafferty. Plus interview with poet Chris Singleton and some bangin' tunes.


Vandal Factory #1

Thu 28th Oct '21, 6:15pm

Henry and Nat chat with Rick Blackman about his book Music, Subcultures and Anti‑Fascism, and Róisín McBrinn from Clean Break.