Disabled Table Podcast: Maisie and Matt from Mencap

Fri 2nd Jun '23, 5:00pm

Juwairia chats to Maisie and Matt from Mencap about their organisation, volunteering and more


Disabled Table Podcast: You Can Laugh You Know comedy night

Fri 3rd Mar '23, 5:00pm

Harry is performing in Bradford! So with Henry, we chat to a selection of amazing comedians at the Rockwell Centre, organised by Disabled Table regular guest Sam Judd!


The Disabled Table #14

Fri 3rd Feb '23, 5:00pm

Disabled chaos is back with a bang! (the bang is the sound of a cane falling over). Harry and Juwairia talk work experience and Brenda returns. Get in touch on


The Disabled Table #13

Fri 2nd Dec '22, 5:00pm

Harry and Juwairia talk to poet Fay Kesby about writing. Fay reads a couple of poems, we play some good tunes and discuss our highlights of 2022!


The Disabled Table #12

Fri 4th Nov '22, 5:00pm

Harry and Juwairia chat with artist Vickie Orton and musician DB, plus an autumnal poem by Marina Poppa. We talk about language, self-defining labels and identities.


The Disabled Table #11

Fri 7th Oct '22, 5:00pm

Juwairia chats to Tas about making music, using GarageBand and what access and inclusion means to them. Plus Juwairia talks about her adventures in Turkey!


The Disabled Table #10

Fri 2nd Sep '22, 5:00pm

Disabled chaos! Our hosts prepare for the inevitability College (Harry as to learn how to use a cane!). Plus an interview with stage manager Rowyn Ashley plus more!


Disabled Table Podcast special: The People’s History Museum

Mon 8th Aug '22, 2:00pm

Harry and Juwairia (with Tony and Henners) take a trip over the Pennines to the launch of the Nothing About Us Without Us exhibition at the People's History Museum.


The Disabled Table #9

Fri 17th Jun '22, 5:00pm

We talk to Connor from the Catch These Words blog and Sheila Freeman on activism, making a difference and education.


The Disabled Table #8

Fri 6th May '22, 5:00pm

Harry's back! And he's brought a new gift to show off. Juwairia reviews Timecrest and we talk to one of it's developers, Justin Ng. Plus musician DB stops by.


The Disabled Table #7

Fri 1st Apr '22, 5:00pm

We talk to Claudia from Epilepsy Action and actor/lighting technician Arran about epilepsy. Contact us


The Disabled Table #6

Fri 4th Mar '22, 5:00pm

It's a carnival special! We chat to Callalloo Carnival Arts about making carnivals more ace music!


The Disabled Table Showcase

Fri 4th Feb '22, 7:30pm

A live showcase of poetry, music and sit-down comedy from a host of disabled artists.


The Disabled Table #5

Fri 7th Jan '22, 5:00pm

Juwairia flies solo today! But we have all your favourite features on disabled humour, stories and experiences. Plus guest interview with autistic poet Tom Juniper!


The Disabled Table #4

Fri 3rd Dec '21, 5:00pm

On this festive special, Harry and Juwairia are joined by Gail from DISrupt, a collective of disabled artists in Leeds. Plus usual features, tunes and chat!


The Disabled Table #3

Mon 22nd Nov '21, 7:30pm

Join us for humour and stories! Discussing ableism in education, advice for going out alone for the first time as a disabled plus story-teller and artist Vickie Orton.


The Disabled Table #2

Fri 1st Oct '21, 5:00pm

Come take a place at the Disabled Table with Harry and Juwairia nattering about disabled lives, stories and comedy.


The Disabled Table #1

Tue 13th Jul '21, 6:30pm

Join Harry and Juwairia for a new show about disabled stories and humour. What are the 10 things you should never ask a disabled person? Plus an interview with playwright Bogsey.