Care To Air #11

Sun 28th Nov '21, 11:15am Remind me

What role does religion and faith have in the lives of older people in Leeds?


Care To Air #10

Sun 24th Oct '21, 12:00am

Chatting to Jack, Mally and Sylvia, plus Tom from Shine Magazine


Care to Air #7

Sun 27th Jun '21, 11:00am

It's Summer Time, and everyone has a story to tell. Holidays and fun times past and present. How are we learning to have ‘Better Conversations’?


Care to Air #6

Sun 23rd May '21, 11:00am

Remembering the ways we used to celebrate May time. We can still get back into the swing of things by getting active and joining in the fun.


Care to Air #5

Sun 25th Apr '21, 11:00am

This month's theme is Spring Time. We will be speaking to Paula, listening to the beautiful voice of regular 'Our Dave' and interviewing Alan from The Performance Ensemble


Care to Air #4

Sun 21st Mar '21, 11:00am

With this month's theme of New Beginnings, we will be hearing how you are using digital technology to connect with friends and family, the internet and your experiences


Care to Air #3

Sun 28th Feb '21, 12:00pm

In this months show we hear some of your Love Stories and enjoy some of your music choices linked to love


Care to Air #2

Sun 31st Jan '21, 12:00pm

The main theme of the programme is based on giving and gifts that we have given and received. What is the significance?


Care to Air #1

Fri 18th Dec '20, 2:00pm

Care to Air with Leeds Age UK 📻🎧: A brand new broadcast to capture the voices of older people in our community. Tune in to our pilot show to hear local people express their views,