Science Matters #20

Mon 18th May '20, 6:30pm

Scientist Dave Webb talks about keeping outer space free of military clutter, plus climate change and coronavirus. Hosts Ann and Terry who are joined by guest host Josh.


Science Matters #19

Tue 29th Oct '19, 7:30pm

Ann and Terry are talking with Matthew Hill about Zero Carbon Headingley and the Climate Crisis.


Science Matters #18

Tue 30th Jul '19, 7:30pm

Ann and Terry will be talking with Dr Olja Panic from the School of Physics and Astronomy at the University of Leeds about astrophysical phenomena, starting with the Earth’s moon.


Science Matters #17

Tue 30th Apr '19, 7:30pm

Ann and Terry will be talking with Dr Christopher Hassall, Associate Professor of Biology at the University of Leeds, about Making Space for Nature in our Cities.


Science Matters #16

Tue 30th Oct '18, 7:30pm

Neurology and Neurological Disorders. Our guest is Dr Helen Ford, a consultant neurologist leading a multidisciplinary MS (multiple sclerosis) team based at Leeds Teaching Hospita


Science Matters #15

Tue 31st Jul '18, 7:30pm

Dr David Sellers from Leeds Astronomical Society will be discussing astronomy, and the part that people from Leeds and the region have played in its development, with Ann and Terry


Science Matters #14

Tue 29th May '18, 7:30pm

Today's guest is Dr Paul Marchant, a science café organiser who will be discussing the popular science/public education in science 'movement'


Science Matters #13

Tue 30th Jan '18, 7:30pm

This months featured guest is, Dr Kulveer Mankia from Leeds Biomedical Research Centre, who'll be talking about autoimmune disease.


Science Matters #12

Tue 31st Oct '17, 7:30pm

Greg Maciejewski, a cognitive scientist from the School of Psychology at Leeds University, talks to Ann and Terry about language and linguistics and the neural mechanisms involved in language comprehension, and about how different cues help us understand spoken and written language.


Science Matters #11

Fri 18th Aug '17, 7:30pm

Forensic Anthropology; Human Taphonomy Facilities (‘body farms’) Dr Anna Williams, Principal Enterprise Fellow in Forensic Anthropology at the University of Huddersfield, talks to Ann and Terry about her anthropology specialism and about her particular interest in Human Taphonomy Facilities (‘body farms’).


Science Matters #10

Tue 30th May '17, 7:30pm

Dr Kirsty Pringle and Hana Pearce, from the Institute for Climate and Atmospheric Research at Leeds University, will be discussing the science of weather, and air pollution caused by particulate matter suspended in the atmosphere.


Science Matters #9

Tue 31st Jan '17, 7:30pm

Today’s Science Matters – Nutrition and Healthy Eating from Infancy – features Marion Hetherington, Professor of Biopsychology at Leeds University. Professor Hetherington is interested in human appetite across the lifespan; her research includes how children express appetite in early life, how they acquire preferences for different foods, and gene-environment interactions in the development of obesity. She will discuss crucial aspects of infant feeding, including breastfeeding, formula, introducing solids, risks of obesity, ‘fussy eating’, and eating disorders.


Science Matters #8

Tue 29th Nov '16, 7:30pm

Today’s Science Matters is called Food for Mental Function, and features our guest expert, Louise Dye, Professor of Nutrition & Behaviour in the School of Psychology at Leeds University. She is a biological psychologist whose principal areas of research include the effects of diet/food intake on cognition, wellbeing & stress; hormone-food interactions; Functional Foods; and glucoregulation & glycaemic response.


Science Matters #7

Tue 30th Aug '16, 7:30pm

Dr Leah Fitzsimmons is a virologist at Birmingham University, researching how virus infected cells cheat death and how blocking these interactions might be used to kill cancer cells. She is passionate that science should be for everyone and works with Sense About Science to encourage better interactions between scientists and the general public.


Science Matters #6

Tue 31st May '16, 7:30pm

How do we evaluate evidence in science? And: Ancient Humans, ancient DNA, and Neanderthals. Ann Clarke and Terry Buchan talk with the geneticist and archaeologist Dr Danae Dodge. Danae received her PhD from Sheffield University in scientific archaeology and is now involved in science communication/public engagement activities with various science-based charities, including being an Ask for Evidence ambassador for Sense about Science. Links for more info:


Science Matters #5

Tue 29th Mar '16, 7:30pm

Science Matters is back and this month it’s all about the universe and our place in it. Sit back and relax as Terry and Ann guide you through the wonders of the extraterrestrial, featuring Professor Dave Webb who will be chatting all things cosmic. Find out more:


Science Matters #4

Tue 29th Sep '15, 7:30pm

Ken Carslaw is Professor of Atmospheric Science at Leeds University, whose work has been adopted by the Met Office for its climate model. In this edition of Science Matters, The Ozone Layer and Climate Change, he will talk about the discovery of the hole in the ozone layer in 1985, what has happened since, and how this relates to global warming and the challenges that we face in keeping planet Earth human-friendly.


Science Matters #3

Tue 30th Jun '15, 7:30pm

erry Buchan and Ann Clarke quiz Dr Chris Randall from the Microbial Research Centre at Leeds University: What are antibiotics? Why do they ‘resist’? What does this mean for our health and for future generations?


Science Matters #2

Mon 2nd Mar '15, 7:30pm

The Science of Sleep with Dr Graham Law, Associate Professor, Head of Division of Biostatistics, School of Medicine, Leeds University


Science Matters #1

Mon 1st Dec '14, 7:30pm

Thinking Science; case study: scientific enquiry into ‘crop circles’ with Alasdair Beal from Chapel Allerton Café Scientifique