China in Leeds

Thu 20th Apr '17, 12:45pm

Fan Yang writes a poem a week. Here she reads her work and talks about the relationship between writing and identity.


Essential Stories

Sun 17th Apr '16, 4:45pm

Iby Knill’s new book ‘The Woman With Nine Lives’ is out now. She discusses the nature of storytelling with Matthew Bellwood.


Life, Love, and Lyrics

Sun 17th Apr '16, 11:00am

Doc Holiday goes behind the lines. Songwriters of Leeds discuss their ideas and inspirations, and play their music in the studio.


Scripts Unscripted

Sun 17th Apr '16, 12:15pm

Richard Caves and Marcos Avlonitis host an in-depth look at scriptwriting, and its future in our online world.


Meet the Poets

Sun 17th Apr '16, 1:15pm

Jo Brandon hosts this opportunity to hear poems from three Yorkshire poets: Peter Spafford, Suzannah Evans and Matthew Hedley Stoppard


Down the Rabbit Hole

Sun 17th Apr '16, 2:15pm

Ever wondered where writers go for their inspiration? Tune in to Ilkley Writers—Andrea Hardaker, JY Saville and Rosalind York—as they burrow deep.


Air Pick

Sun 17th Apr '16, 10:15pm

Poet Hannah Stone, author of Lodestone, recently published by Stairwell Books, offers highlights from the day’s broadcasts.


Eastern Breeze

Sun 17th Apr '16, 3:15pm

Japanese-style words and music built upon the thundering beats of taiko drumming, presented by Sankakei - Amina Alyal and Oz Hardwick with musician Michael Graham.


Love the Words – W.O.A ’16

Sat 16th Apr '16, 12:00pm

Chapel FM’s young writers present their recent work and talk about books, words, music, and life.


Listen with Linda

Sat 16th Apr '16, 1:30pm

A new voice in children’s broadcasting - story, rhythm and rhyme on the airwaves to delight and inspire children and all the family.


Throwing Mother in the Skip

Sat 16th Apr '16, 2:15pm

William Thirsk-Gaskill presents an examination of growing up, relationship break-up, the passing of time, mental turmoil, and bereavement, with two funny ones.


Cake, Chapter 1

Sat 16th Apr '16, 3:30pm

Nigel Stone tells the story of a man who wants to open a shop that sells books and cakes, pay as you feel.


Word Feast

Sat 16th Apr '16, 4:15pm

Poets Joanna Sedgwick and Mark Connors discuss and read from their debut poetry pamphlets, out now through local publishers, OWF (Otley Word Feast) Press.


Stairwell Writers

Sat 16th Apr '16, 5:30pm

Small publishers are a way for new writers to get their work published. Authors from Stairwell Books in York discuss how they got into print


The Exhibitionists

Sat 16th Apr '16, 6:15pm

Poets from York’s The Spoken Word showcase their poems and writing in a relaxed open mic format, hosted by Alan Gillott.


Fictions of Every Kind

Sat 16th Apr '16, 7:15pm

Fictions is a DIY writers social night and literary non-profit event. This programme features regular open mic participants and music from past performers.


Slam into the Air

Sat 16th Apr '16, 8:45pm

Poets from Leeds and beyond participate in a competitive poetry performance competition. Performances judged by the studio audience and live feedback.


Origins of a Writer

Fri 15th Apr '16, 11:30am

Local bard Jaimes Lewis Moran asks poet James Nash about how he started to write, and what inspires him to keep at it.


Radio Life

Fri 15th Apr '16, 12:00pm

In her 30-year career with The BBC, Mary Kelemkerian was instrumental in launching, amongst other things, Radio 4 Extra. Here she talks with Helen Burke.



Fri 15th Apr '16, 12:30pm

Celebrating the first ten years of Templar, this atmospheric immersion in poetry and music features poets from the pioneering publishing house reading their own work.


A Yam Affair

Fri 15th Apr '16, 1:30pm

Paul Eubanks’ first book for children was published in English and phonetic Jamaican. Here he reads from his new work, ‘Quincy and the Yam Affair’.


Funeral Quartet

Fri 15th Apr '16, 2:00pm

Four car journeys to the same funeral. Four sets of relatives. Four scenes. And four writers: Linda Caspar, James Fernie, Jaimes Lewis Moran, Charlotte Carrick.



Fri 15th Apr '16, 3:15pm

The extraordinary lives of men and women at Leeds’ main war hospital a century ago: Richard Wilcocks tells some of the true stories he discovered.


Songs of Love and Loss

Fri 15th Apr '16, 4:00pm

Learning to love also means letting go. Prose and poetry written from real life experiences, straight from the heart, presented by local writer Barney Bardsley.


Plot a Lyric

Fri 15th Apr '16, 5:15pm

Where do writers find ideas? Discover how successful fiction writer Linda Lewis and her workshop group use song lyrics to help find plots.



Fri 15th Apr '16, 6:00pm

An open mic session with Leeds Trinity University’s Creative Writing students, staff and friends. You won’t believe your ears!



Fri 15th Apr '16, 7:15pm

Ever fancied penning a scary story? Join author of Horror, Janine Langley Wood, and her workshop group, for a ‘Guided Fantasy’ of suspenseful writing.


An After-Dinner’s Sleep

Fri 15th Apr '16, 8:15pm

Three female poets muse on poignant – and hilarious - aspects of midlife. First performed at Ilkley Literature Festival, now published by Indigo Dreams.


Spinning an Old Yarn

Fri 15th Apr '16, 9:15pm

Young writers have taken to the internet to create their own twist on their favourite TV shows. Discover how fan fiction is enabling young writers.