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A Blast to the Past: A Coal Mining Adventure

Fri 12th Aug '22, 3:00pm

Youth broadcasters and artists from Chapel FM's "Sound it Out" summer programme explore the history of coal in Yorkshire... stories, activism, music, interviews and so much more.


Disabled Table Podcast special: The People’s History Museum

Mon 8th Aug '22, 2:00pm

Harry and Juwairia (with Tony and Henners) take a trip over the Pennines to the launch of the Nothing About Us Without Us exhibition at the People's History Museum.


The Roundhay Castle Hassle: A Radio Drama

Fri 5th Aug '22, 2:30pm

Young musicians, writers, technicians and performers come together in just 4 days to make a story of witches, love and protest. What is a Swoman? Who is Anathama Nightingale?


Home From Home: Rita Keeley

Sun 24th Jul '22, 10:00pm

Local Seacroft resident Rita talks about the places and spaces in the local area that mean something to her: "This is where I belong"


Home From Home: Natalie Quatermass

Sun 24th Jul '22, 9:00pm

Natalie grew up on the Wirral, but now firmly part of East Leeds. From the Irish Sea to Seacroft, what are spaces that mean home to her? Interview by James and Jude


Home From Home: Matthew Clegg

Sun 24th Jul '22, 8:00pm

Poet and creative writing tutor Mattew Clegg recalls his days growing up in Cross Gates. Interviewed by Henry, Sam and Adam


Home From Home: Lynne Parker

Sun 24th Jul '22, 7:00pm

Lynne Parker is a poet who grew up in Seacroft in the 60s and 70s. She talks about the spaces and places that shaped her life


Home From Home: Parkway Towers

Sun 24th Jul '22, 5:00pm

Once called 'Toxic Towers', Carol and the residents of Parkway Towers talk about building community within their building.


Home From Home: Virtual Reality

Sun 24th Jul '22, 4:00pm

In the 21st century, people are just at home in virtual spaces as they are in physical worlds.

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