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Stay Close #10: The FAB new Seacroft Ice Cream Van

Today, 4:00pm

There's a magical new ice cream van coming soon to Seacroft! Learn about the plans and how you can help design it. Plus, Linda Casper shares excerpts from her Covid diaries.


Learning from Life with Linda Sage #30: Sammi Evenn

Today, 10:00am

Writer and owner of Belle's Misadventures. An on-line magazine for the empowered and liberated woman. Join the Soulful Sisterhood Group to open up into a world of likeminded souls.


Amazing Yorkshire #29

Tue 23rd Feb '21, 9:00pm

God's Own Country full of history, beautiful places... This time: Yorkshire and films! We’ll talk about Yorkshire's top film and TV locations!


Hot Flavours #57

Tue 23rd Feb '21, 7:45pm

A wonderful mix of old and new, with class coming at you from all angles.


Love The Words #133

Tue 23rd Feb '21, 5:30pm

Young people from Chapel FM interview Verity Watts of Better Songs, Swan Song’s collaboration with Funeral Director Full Circle, & poets Judith Willson and Tim Brookes.


Red Kite: Sounds of Our City, Talking to Buildings and Leeds Lit Fest

Fri 19th Feb '21, 5:00pm

We explore a museum exhibit about sounds of Leeds, preview the Leeds Literature Festival, do a surreal interview with the Chapel FM Arts Centre (yes, the building itself!) and more


Learning from Life with Linda Sage #29: John Vanek

Fri 19th Feb '21, 10:00am

John Vanek is an EMCC Accredited Life Coach specialising in Mental Health & Social Inclusion with hundreds of hours of coaching experience with individuals and groups


Business Network #39

Tue 16th Feb '21, 7:30pm

Linda Sage is talking business, finding your niche, identifying your perfect client and what to do with the knowledge when you have it.


Love The Words #132

Tue 16th Feb '21, 5:30pm

Jade Wright on magazine Beyond Words; Rocketman, radio drama from Ed Foster; Becky Cherriman on her commission from The Cultural Institute, Jimmy Andrex's Translation on Trial.

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