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reUNION #9

Yesterday, 6:30pm

News, interviews, stories, poetry and music from UNION: Wayfinders and Postbooks, Disconsortia's exhibition, and working in Belgrade and Sicily...


Sunday Stress Buster #36

Yesterday, 12:00pm

Teresa Anne Palmer, MSN, RN, NPc received her Master of Science degree in Nursing from Seton Hall University.


Connections #29

Yesterday, 10:00am

Connections 28 finished with Shipbuilding by Elvis Costello, who will Paul link to the opening song of October’s Connections?


Seacroft Grange Care Village Residents’ Memory Lane

Sat 24th Oct '20, 1:00pm

Linda Sage presents the 3rd annual Seacroft Grange residents' requests


Learning from Life with Linda Sage #23: Helen Grantham

Fri 23rd Oct '20, 6:00pm

Helen is a qualified coach and the founder of Positive Health & Wellness Coaching.


Business Network #35

Tue 20th Oct '20, 6:30pm

Linda is looking at changes and all the pros and cons of changes and opportunities that have happened with COVID 19 for businesses.


Love the Words #118

Tue 20th Oct '20, 5:30pm

Adrian Sinclair talks in depth about art, activism, and the intriguing Fellowship of Questions; a foretaste of Alex Rushfirth’s fantastic new album, plus a story from James Fernie.


Red Kite Bonus Episode: Love Arts Happenings

Sun 18th Oct '20, 2:00pm

We talk with Love Arts director Tom Bailey and artist Sandy Holden about the feast of arts & wellbeing events happening this month in Leeds.


Learning from Life with Linda Sage #22 Carol Anne

Fri 16th Oct '20, 6:00pm

Did you know that 97% of people who start a book never, ever finish it? And as Maya Angelou says ‘There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.’

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