Sunday Stressbuster #18

Sun 16th Dec '18, 12:00pm

Linda Sage takes a look back over the whole of 2018, Stressbusters, Business Networking, her public and personal life, along with memories of her wonderful guests.


Sunday Stressbuster #17

Sun 25th Nov '18, 12:00pm

Maxine English, she will be discussing surviving domestic abuse and building a new life for her and her children.


Sunday Stressbuster #16

Sun 28th Oct '18, 12:00pm

NHS@70 was an amazing celebration of great people in the NHS at all levels and serving all areas of Leeds. 


Sunday Stressbuster #15

Sun 23rd Sep '18, 12:00pm

Linda returns to bust some autumn stress with special guest Christine Butterfield


Sunday Stressbuster #14

Sun 29th Jul '18, 12:00pm

Linda Sage will be talking to Rebecca Henley about Neal’s Yard organic products. A whole range of lotions, potions and smells to revitalise and energise


Stressbuster #13

Sun 1st Jul '18, 12:00pm

Linda presents a review of the year of Stressbuster Sunday, great music and reviewing some of the amazing guests that have been in the studio to talk to her.


Stressbuster #12

Sun 27th May '18, 12:00pm

Linda is joined by Mike Tompson who was like many told from a young age, "your dream is impossible"


Sunday Stressbuster #11

Sun 22nd Apr '18, 12:00pm

Linda will be talking to dementia care expert, Ann Bird


Sunday Stressbuster #10

Sun 25th Mar '18, 12:00pm

Linda Sage is joined by leading local lady, Etta Cohen OBE, discussing the need and ability to be flexible in work and in life


Sunday Stressbuster #9

Sun 25th Feb '18, 12:00pm

The key to good health is everything in moderation….. If only it were that simple! In any stage of life getting off your backside and increasing movement is a good way to start.


Sunday Stressbuster #8

Sun 21st Jan '18, 12:00pm

For the first Stressbuster show of 2018 Linda will be booking at the stigma and social awareness of mental health. Linda will be looking at how life, society, the workplace and relationships contain negative perceptions of mental illness


Sunday Stressbuster #7

Sun 17th Dec '17, 1:00pm

A very Christmas Stressbuster. Join Linda Sage as she tries to help you out with dealing with Christmas stress


Sunday Stressbuster #6

Sun 26th Nov '17, 12:00pm

In today's show, Linda will be discussing local doctor's services and how you can help to look after yourself. Guests include Andrea Mann, Managing Partner from Colton Mill and The Grange Medical Centre and Dr Donaldson of Dr TP Fox & Partners, Seacroft


Sunday Stressbuster #5

Sun 22nd Oct '17, 12:00pm

Stress busting hour with Linda Sage. You can find out more about the issues in today’s show and Linda’s work through her website and YouTube channel.


Sunday Stressbuster #4

Sun 24th Sep '17, 1:00pm

Linda Sage returns with Sunday Stressbuster; today she is join by local pharmacy manager, Silvia Bringo


Sunday Stressbuster #3

Sun 30th Jul '17, 10:00am

Relax this fine Sunday morning with some calming community radio!


Sunday Stress Buster #34

Sun 23rd Aug '20, 12:00pm

Sunday Stressbuster back live, but still virtual, Linda Sage will be talking to Diana Grant who is a coach and much more.


Sunday Stress Buster #33

Sun 28th Jun '20, 1:00pm

Today's Sunday Stressbuster sees Linda Sage talking with special guest, Matt Wilson & Cherry Tree Training about fitness and mental health.