Stay Close #10: The FAB new Seacroft Ice Cream Van

Fri 26th Feb '21, 4:00pm

There's a magical new ice cream van coming soon to Seacroft! Learn about the plans and how you can help design it. Plus, Linda Casper shares excerpts from her Covid diaries.


Wordybirds June 22, 2020 – Part 2

Mon 22nd Jun '20, 12:30pm

The Colleague Who Came to Stay, a story by Linda Casper read by Pam Hilton, and The Old School by Pauline Kirk, also read by Pam Hilton.


Wordybirds May 18, 2020 – Part 1

Mon 18th May '20, 11:00am

Martin Thomasson, Bolton playwright, reads the first in a series of reminisences, The Lost Art of Conducting Buses. Plus a short story, The Surprise, from Linda Casper.


Wordybirds May 6, 2020 – Part 2

Wed 6th May '20, 12:00pm

Pam Hilton reads a story by regular Deli contributor Linda Casper, A Close Shave, plus a tune on the fiddle from seventeen year old Owen Spafford.


Through the Gate

Fri 31st Mar '17, 1:45pm

Radio drama from James Fernie, Linda Casper, and Sarah Cluderay. A flight from Milan is delayed and tensions rise in the Waiting Area.


Let’s Dance

Fri 16th Mar '18, 2:30pm

A love story in two moving vehicles. Intriguing new radio drama from James Fernie and Linda Casper