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Brenda’s Got A Baby avoids stereotypes and instead allows women to speak for themselves. What they say (as opposed to what we might think they’re going to say) is extremely interesting.

Your work embodies the vital socialist principle that everybody in society has something to offer, which is why I wish you every success in the future.

I’m looking forward to engaging with my first coaching session and following up on the intellectual and conceptual leads that have been presented to me in Seacroft…


Love The Words #148

Tue 22nd Jun '21, 5:30pm

Andrew McMillan, winner of Guardian First Book Award, talks about Pandemonium, his visceral new collection with Cape - & reminisces about Chapel FM.


LOUDSPEAKER Live: Father’s Day Edition

Sat 19th Jun '21, 8:00pm

Loudspeaker's live Father's Day event featuring: DJ Agent M, In10sive, JJ Bantz (Emcee), Keeks, Oliver Rees, Peter Spafford, Mike Southwell and hosts D3 + Sarah Autumn.


Hot Flavours #61

Tue 22nd Jun '21, 7:45pm

Come, loosen up them bones and Jump N’ Jive!


Business Network #43

Tue 15th Jun '21, 7:30pm

Erak is a Weight Loss Specialist and founder of the Coach Me Slim and Trim programme®.

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