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Top Tracks: Metallica

Wednesday, 1:00pm

Elliot Harbourne charts his top 5 Metallica songs


The Music That Made Me #1

7th Mar '18, 1:00pm

Paul Gardner interviews Chapel FM Centre Director, Adrian Sinclair, about his life


StroryCroft #1

26th Feb '18, 2:00pm

Stories of Seacroft from a bygone era


FYF Intro Show

21st Feb '18, 1:00pm

We welcome a group of future Find Your Frequency participants to East Leeds FM


Version 2.0

17th Jan '18, 2:00pm

Do you know any cover versions of songs that you think improved on the original recordings? Paul Gardner takes you through some of his favourite examples, including some that you may not even know were covers.


The Diwali Show

20th Dec '17, 2:00pm

Join Anil Bharath with the Diwali show as he takes you on a musical journey of one of the most significant festivals in Indian culture