Two Sevens DJs #47

6th Mar '18, 8:30pm

Join Two Sevens as they delve into the history of Jamaican music with an all vinyl musical selection of ska, rocksteady, reggae, roots & dancehall


Welly’s Nerdy News #17

2nd Mar '18, 5:00pm

Wellys Nerdy News returns covering all the Gaming News of February '18


Blind Dead McRadio presents…

2nd Mar '18, 7:30pm

The temple of blues music at Chapel FM opens up to the amazing Blind Dead McJones band


Blind Dead McRadio presents… (Yeli Williams and Al Brampton)

2nd Mar '18, 7:30pm

The supporting acts to the Blind Dead McRadio presents night.


Pick & Mix #2

1st Mar '18, 12:00am

A selection of moments from some of the shows from January 2018, featuring highlights from The Stephen Show, That Sunday, The Ukulele Show and many more!


NGB: Snow Worries!

28th Feb '18, 6:30pm

The Beast from the East arrives in East Leeds


Clue Records Presents… #12

27th Feb '18, 9:00pm

Scott is in pain and on a whole load of pain killers so come and hear him sounding like he is on a different planet.


StroryCroft #1

26th Feb '18, 2:00pm

Resident's stories of Seacroft from a bygone era


Urban Selection: Progressive Tech House #2

25th Feb '18, 6:00pm

DJ Khaos presents the second part of the Progressive Tech House euphoric collective


The Ukulele Show #9

25th Feb '18, 11:00am

Stuart and Tracey Cameron bring you their second show of 2018 with another varied selection of ukulele songs


Sunday Stressbuster #9

25th Feb '18, 12:00pm

The key to good health is everything in moderation….. If only it were that simple! In any stage of life getting off your backside and increasing movement is a good way to start.


Club Dance #5

25th Feb '18, 1:00pm

Adam Firth returns with an eclectic mix of dance tunes from the late 80s to the present day. Today’s show includes tracks by Clean Bandit, Bob Sinclair and Ultrabeat


Blind Dead McRadio Podcast #9

25th Feb '18, 2:00pm

The Blind Dead boys talk to Rib Corps who has just launched his new album


Common Ground #5

25th Feb '18, 10:00am

Common Ground returns to bring ELFM listeners a slice of cool Africannia.


That Sunday! #1

25th Feb '18, 4:00pm

Crispi presents a new show exploring different genres from across the local music scene


Untitled Film Show #13

23rd Feb '18, 6:00pm

This month James and Jake revisit one of last years most talked about films - Get Out


Open Mic Night – February 2018

23rd Feb '18, 7:30pm

Its that time again its Open Mic Night get down for 7pm on the night if you want to perform.


FYF Intro Show

21st Feb '18, 1:00pm

We welcome a group of future Find Your Frequency participants to East Leeds FM


The Music Institute #3

20th Feb '18, 9:30pm

In February’s “Music Institute” we’ll be celebrating the life and music of Mark E Smith who sadly passed away last month.


From The Bandroom #1

20th Feb '18, 7:30pm

Featuring test pieces from Knottingley Silver Band, Kippax Brass Band, Wetherby & District Silver Band and Tingley Brass Band


Love The Words #72

20th Feb '18, 7:30pm

An action-packed Love The Words featuring work from Jimmy Andrex, Helen Burke and Phil Pattinson, plus updates on two major Leeds-based community arts projects


Warm Up Sessions #30

17th Feb '18, 8:30pm

Join the Warm Up Sessions for their monthly broadcast from studio 2 at Chapel FM


Seaside Terror

16th Feb '18, 7:30pm

Odd Doll Puppetry take you on a trip to the seaside for some fun frights and ice-cream chills.


Left of Leeds #26

16th Feb '18, 6:00pm

Another mix of the weird and the wonderful from in and around Leeds.


Octagon Overeyes #6

15th Feb '18, 2:00pm

Monty returns with some rough and tumble drum and bass, featuring a selection of oldies and modern rollers


The Deli #61

13th Feb '18, 7:30pm

This month the Deli will ensnare the listener with poetry, music, discussion and opinion on the theme of Capture. Whether you’re a Slave to Love, a Prisoner of Zenda, or a hostage to fortune, listen in!


Love The Words More #52

13th Feb '18, 8:45pm

Love The Words (More) with firefighter, socialist, biker, and poet Paul Drinkwater, and Christine Bousfield reading from her brand new collection of poetry, Granny Knot. Christine returns to ELFM after a 7 year break.


Is It Folk? #18

11th Feb '18, 4:00pm

Owen Spafford returns with some Scandinavian trance-folk, contemporary classical organ, beautiful English concertina, a mystery Valentine's song and much more folk (or is it!?)


LCoM Presents… #1

11th Feb '18, 5:00pm

Welcome to the first broadcast from the Leeds College of Music Radio Enrichment activity


The Stephen Show: Queen

11th Feb '18, 1:00pm

Is this the real life? Is this just fantasy? ... No it's very real. Come join Stephen as he pays tribute to one of the greatest British rock bands