Two Sevens DJs #45

2nd Jan '18, 8:30pm

What better way to relax and help with that New Year hangover you might still have than with a selection of Ska, Rocksteady, Reggae, Dub & Dancehall music.


A Very Festive Friday Night Live (Open Mic Night)

29th Dec '17, 7:30pm

With Christmas over and the New Year upon us, come down to Chapel FM Arts Center for a Festive Open Mic Night. The show starts at 7:30pm but get down for 7pm if you want to sign up to perform.


International Hits #1

29th Dec '17, 6:00pm

In a year dominated musically by Latin American songs such as "Despacito", Jonathan counts down his top 12 international songs that didn't reach the UK charts. Strap in for a whirlwind trip across the globe as he takes a look at the best offerings international artists had to offer us in 2017!


The Diwali Show

20th Dec '17, 2:00pm

Join Anil Bharath with the Diwali show as he takes you on a musical journey of one of the most significant festivals in Indian culture


NGB: Christmas Random Radio

20th Dec '17, 5:00pm

Random Radio is a concept that the Next Generation Broadcasters are currently experimenting with - random chat about random themes. This edition is Christmas-related where possible!


Love The Words #70

19th Dec '17, 7:30pm

The Word for Moving Clouds is a collection of short stories by writers with a connection to Wakefield’s Red Shed Readings. Listen in to stories by Carnegie Medal winners, Verb presenters, multiple award winners and some bloke from Kettlethorpe. Hailed back in July as the Yorkshire Post’s Book of the week, it’s as varied a collection as you’ll ever encounter. Curl up and enjoy some of the best short story writing around. Presented by Jimmy Andrex who will return in the New Year with his Seminal Outbursts. Helen Burke and Phil Pattinson send a sleighful of goodies from York. That’s right, it’s the Christmas Special!


The Music Institute #1

19th Dec '17, 9:00pm

Catch up on tonight’s Music Institute show with Guest Paul Radley and myself. Featuring tracks by Prince, The Fall, Supermax, Herbie Hancock, Kraftwerk, Marvin Gaye and many more.


Common Ground #3

17th Dec '17, 10:00am

Common Ground returns with a selection of Christmas themed songs from the Commonwealth of nations.


The Ukulele Show #7

17th Dec '17, 11:00am

A selection of Christmas songs featuring the ukulele


Revolutionary Radio #2

17th Dec '17, 12:00pm

A very festive Revolutionary Radio


Sunday Stressbuster #7

17th Dec '17, 1:00pm

A very Christmas Stressbuster. Join Linda Sage as she tries to help you out with dealing with Christmas stress


Femme Collective #3

17th Dec '17, 2:00pm

In Beth's absence, the 'Christmas conundrum queens' take over to fix all your Christmas related worries! Betty and Cilla are here to entertain and discuss with three big Christmas problems. They'll be classic Christmas oldies on the decks and call ins from around Leeds helping those who are in a pickle this festive season


Music from the Bands #5

17th Dec '17, 3:00pm

Jazmine returns with more music from the bands


Urban Selection: Dark Tech Drum & Bass #5

17th Dec '17, 4:00pm

DJ Khaos brings you tomorrow's darkside now!


Left of Leeds #24

15th Dec '17, 6:00pm

John will be in conversation with composer/musician Peter Byrom-Smith about his work and influences.


Kathryn Sturman and Friends.

15th Dec '17, 7:30pm

As Christmas approaches we have something a little special at Chapel evening of classical music featuring members of The Ascension Singers singing a range of Christmas music, classical and modern music for flutes and piano and a (non-compulsory!) audience carol or two accompanied by organ


The Deli #59

12th Dec '17, 7:30pm

The Deli is on! With comedy, music, poetry, the usual stramash of good stuff.


Love The Words More #50

12th Dec '17, 9:00pm

Laura Potts presents her regular Poetry Nook, followed by an interview with Stephanie Shields, Otley writer, who reads from and talks about her brand new collection of short stories. Welcome back, Steph!


NGF: The Christmas Cracking Crew

12th Dec '17, 5:00pm

Festive chat, trivia and tunes brought to you by the Next Generation Foundation group


The Bleeding Obvious

10th Dec '17, 4:30am

The Bleeding Obvious is the musical project of Yorkshire lass Jessica Rowbottom. She is currently tackling the thorny subject of coming out as LGBT+ and self-identification


Unnatural Blonde

10th Dec '17, 1:30pm

Acoustic singer-songwriter penning Country/Blues originals as well as songs that reflect a desire for a better, fairer society


Orange Gun

10th Dec '17, 5:15am

More Left of Leeds electronica for your early-morning enjoyment! Psychedelic ambient awakening for your mind


Paul McKendrick

10th Dec '17, 2:00pm

Paul came along to our most recent Open Mic Night and rashly agreed to join the Musicathon


Lounge Panda

10th Dec '17, 6:00am

Too weird for jazz, but not weird enough for weirdos, Lounge Panda frequently play to audiences in excess of ten people


Don’t Feed The Peacocks

10th Dec '17, 2:30pm

This hugely skilled and energetic (but still distressingly young) six piece folk collective are quickly carving out a notable reputation on the live circuit


Steve Bolton

10th Dec '17, 6:45am

Steve Bolton was with us for the first ever Musicathon. His current set "Neil Young vs Lightning Hector" consists of Neil Young covers and his own originals


Gee Sunray

10th Dec '17, 7:15am

Having played one of the very first Musicathons, Gee Sunray is back in the house


Birds and Beasts

10th Dec '17, 8:00am

The relentless march of nature, the vicious circle of life, the raw, wild call to summon forth from your loins the next generation. These are the things that inspire Birds and Beasts


David Thompson

10th Dec '17, 8:30am

Bringing deep thinking and down tempo to the acoustic cave


Bernie Haynes

10th Dec '17, 9:00am

Bernie sings with many local musical, opera groups and soul choirs. As a Bass this time he is singing solo and gets a chance to sing some modern classics.