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Friday, 7:30pm

Another great night of local music at Chapel FM, this time headlined by one of our favourite indie/rock bands...Hobson.


Left of Leeds #28

Friday, 6:15pm

John Tooland returns with a special performance from King Capisce


Cockburn School

Friday, 12:00pm

In their debut radio show, students from Cockburn School explore career pathways and opportunities


Getting to know us

Thursday, 2:00pm

David, Daz, Elaine and Zioness practice their interview skills by find out about each other's hobbies and interests


The Music Institute #6

Tuesday, 9:30pm

In this month's Music Institute with Radley and Wags expect to hear only the best sounds


Love the Words #75

Tuesday, 7:30pm

Featuring: Jimmy Andrex’s Outside Broadcast, Gill Lambert and Sandra Burnett show "The Space Between" and an Interview with Zhara Majid on her play "The Middle World"


Is It Folk? #19

Sunday, 3:00pm

Owen Spafford presents a colourful diaspora of folk music (or is it?) from across the world, this month featuring a mix of contemporary minimalist composers


James’ Psycho Show #11

Sunday, 2:00pm

James' Pyscho show returns once again to get you wreckin'! Expect this month's programme to include Mentors, Ricochets and William Shatner


Femme Collective #7

Sunday, 2:00pm

This Sunday Beth speaks to designer, typographer and Creative Director for Atypical studios


The Stephen Show: Robbie Williams

Sunday, 12:00pm

Stephen Martin shares 10 songs from the career of former Take That member and solo chart topper, Robbie Williams


Music From The Bands #9

Sunday, 11:00am

An eclectic mix of pop from across the decades. This month show features tracks by the Spice Girls, Destiny's Child and OneRepublic


Word Club #6

Sunday, 9:00am

Turn in to our radio show on the second Sunday of every month on ELFM. Our sixth show will feature the boys behind Strix Magazine, for their second outing on our show.

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